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Payday loans


The applicant for a payday loan should correspond to the following special requirements:

  • To be a citizen of the United States of America;
  • To be at least 18 years of age or older;
  • To count on a steady income, that could be verified;
  • To own a debit card;
  • To have a checking account that can accept direct deposits.


We at understand that you are in a difficult situation and you need the money fast. That is why we process every application immediately and carefully. In case we have to reject an application, we give you the reasons. Clients however need to understand that the payday loans are a short-term cash advance solution, used in case of emergency that is planned to be paid in a short period of time. Our job is to protect both parties in the process.


How to receive a payday loan

They say that life is what happens to you while you are making plans and no matter how careful you have planned your budget for the month, there is always a chance for an unexpected situation to happen. Being in a difficult financial situation is not something to be ashamed of. Remember that there is always a solution and in this case you can apply for getting a pay day loan. In order to get a payday loan, you should go through a simple application process. Once approved, you will receive the money asked for and you will need to return them on the date stated in your contract with the lender.


Payday advance

The payday advance is becoming quite popular lately. This is an easy to apply for and a quick to receive loan for people who need small sums of money that they can return within a short period of time. In order to get a payday advance one should apply for it and if approved, the client has to return the money taken plus the interest rate when the next pay day cheque arrives. There are no charges applied in case the pay day loan is returned earlier. The approval of the applicants is done by professionals and only if they answer the main requirements, namely: US citizen, above 18 years of age, with regular income, holder of debit card, with own bank account.


The fast cash loans are organized online and should be used to solve short-term financial problems and should not be applied in case of serious financial situation. The payday advance offered has high interest rate and needs to be covered on the exact date on the contract; otherwise they need to pay penalty fees for the prolonged period. The usual tax reaches 25% of every hundred dollars borrowed.


Repayment plan

The short term loans are loans just like the others and should be treated seriously. All payday loans taken should be returned on the exact date of the contract together with the interest rate agreed. If the client is not able to return the money as agreed, one will have to cover a late payment fee.


The company Vulcandotnet is not interested in the credit score of the pay day applicants that contact us. Rather, we want to be sure that our clients will return the money they have borrowed plus the interest rate. That is why there might be occasions when we require more papers in order to make a decision. The approved applicants will be getting an offer from the loan lenders we work with.



The payday loans online are usually required by people who are in need of a small amount of money that they plan to return along with the interest rate with the next pay day cheque they get. The payday loans should not be applied for in case of serious financial situations. Rather, the cash loans are focused on small sums of money that will be paid back within a short period. Thanks to the help from Vulcandotnet, our clients can get improve their financial situation and get back in the game.