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August, 2013

Frontier Breakers Make a Go of It

Thirty days later another family walked in: Adao Morais da Rosa, 43 (page 702); his wife, Altemira, 39; and two children. They had backpacked 2,500 road miles from Porto Alegre in Rio Grande do Sul. Then came Derly Schutz, a big blond bearded man, with children as plentiful as yellow chicks, also from the south. […]

Diary of an Underachiever

WHEN I WORKED at Men’s Health we often mentioned this strange and unproven fact: that for every minute you spend in the gym, you add a minute to your life. It sounds like a pretty good deal. But, I hasten to add, only if your current life is pretty sad. See, the problem is, that […]