Vulcandotnet Loans

Payday loans from Vulcan


Please, explain about the fees that I have to cover using your services?

The company does not charge fees. We apply a fee only in case that our clients are late with the return of the payment of the money they have borrowed. We offer professional advice and service and we expect our clients to make their payments. We are there to assist our clients and we are happy to see them cope with the situation.


How can I apply for your services?

The application process we use is online and is very simple for everyone. The completion of the online form for the payday loan will take you just a few moments. You will have to answer all questions in a correct manner and to send us the form. Once we check your application documents, we will give you our statement as soon as possible. In case your application I approved, then we will require you to complete various documents. This could also happen online. When the application process is complete, you will receive the sum in your bank account.


When will you transfer the money I applied for in my bank account?

At first we will do our checks and you will fill in the necessary papers, then we will transfer you the sum you require. No delays are expected and you will be able to see the money in your bank account straight away. In general, within 24 hours you are expected to have the requested money in your bank account.


How much money am I allowed to borrow from the lender?

All first time clients will be able to borrow one basic amount of money. Once they pay the first sum taken in a correct manner, these clients will be able to borrow a larger sum of money in the future.


How are the payday loans helping?

The payday loans were invented as special loans for people who are experiencing financial difficulties but can deal with them in a short period of time. They should be used in case you get a too big medical bill or if you need to repair your car, or in case your kid wants to go on a trip organized by the school. The purpose of the payday loans is to help you cover your financial difficulties for a short period of time – one or two weeks. The pay day loan should not be applied for to solve deeper financial problems with a long-term effect.


Who is eligible to apply for a pay day advance loan?

The clients who can apply for online payday loans with us should have at least 18 years of age and need to be US citizens. In addition, the applicants need to have regular income that could be verified. In other words, the applicant should have a regular job or any other regular income. They also should own a debit card and a checking account in order to receive the sum asked for.


I am afraid but I have a bad credit score. Will this affect my application?

It is of o importance for the team of Vulcandotnet if you have a credit score that is bad. With us you can apply for a payday loan, as we try to be fair when judging the applications that we receive. We insist however on you returning the money borrowed on the exact date agreed upon plus the interest rate. It is also important for you to have a regular income and a checking account.